…really made me feel comfortable about a new treatment

“Wow what an awesome experience! Bonnie was so kind and sweet and really made me feel comfortable about a new treatment I’ve never experienced. I got micro needling with hyaluronic acid done and I was super nervous. She really talked me through it and was so gentle and kind and I’m so happy I did it! If you’re debating getting this done don’t be afraid she uses a super strong numbing cream and it does not hurt at all! There’s a couple areas that give you a little zing but nothing painful whatsoever. Most areas I felt nothing but near my hairline it would feel like when you do a exfoliating scrub… no biggie! Her room is so adorable and just sets you at ease. I’m so happy I did this and I’m very excited to see the results in the next week or two. I will definitely update and let everyone know if I noticed any changes! I love that we have something like this right in Gilbert. I think Bonnie is so amazing because she didn’t try and upsell anything in fact she actually talked me out of things which is very rare in this business! She’s also very accommodating to answer any questions and text anytime a day! I would definitely recommend Penelope Pink!!!”

Melissa H. via Yelp